Stay Warm Year-Round

As a Sand Key resident, you are well aware of the warm, comfortable weather we are usually lucky enough to have. However, occasionally the weather dips low enough that turning on your heating system is necessary; and when that time comes, you’ll need it to operate efficiently. This is particularly true in single family homes which do not have the benefit of shared walls you see in condominiums and apartment buildings. At VIP Home Services, we are dedicated to rendering the highest quality heating services. All of our heating system technicians at VIP Home Services are well trained and are backed by our VIP Guarantee.

Heat Pump Maintenance and Repair

Heat pumps work different in winter than they do in summer. Therefore to prevent any surprises when winter season hits, it is recommended to have your unit thoroughly inspected in the fall. If you notice that your utility bill is rather expensive, regardless of the time of year, it may be time to have one of our VIP professionals come out and inspect your HVAC system to diagnose and repair any ailments. More times than often, homeowners are likely wasting energy as well as money, and are completely unaware of it.

Heating Coil Maintenance and Repair

Sometimes referred to as a fan coil unit, the heating coil is the same coil as the cooling coil. It must be kept clean and free of dust or hair to properly function. If you hear any noises coming from your fain coil unit, it should be inspected as soon as possible. If you hear loud noises turn off the heat using your thermostat, be sure to set the fan to Auto and contact VIP Home Services immediately.

Gas Furnace Maintenance and Repair

Some homes are equipped with matched heating and cooling systems. In most of these systems, a gas furnace is the essential component providing efficient heating by generating the maximum amount of heat with the minimum amount of gas. Gas furnaces have special control systems which need to be operating perfectly for safety and efficiency.

Swimming Pool Heating System Maintenance and Repair

Swimming pool heaters are common in Florida so that you can enjoy your pool all year long. Swimming pool heat pumps are a very efficient and affordable way to heat your swimming pool. Like with any heat pump it should be inspected and maintained for maximum efficiency and a long service life.

Why Call VIP Home Services for all your heating needs?

It is important to have a team of professionals inspect your heating system to make sure it continues to operate with maximum energy efficiency. Ensuring that your heating system is working properly will not only improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your monthly utility bill costs, but it will also help with increasing the value of your home. Not only is this beneficial for the environment’s sake, but also for the sake of your wallet and your health.

Nobody should ever be forced to deal with the discomfort of a cold home. Our superb residential heating services are specifically designed to ensure that your heating systems are giving you the best bang for your buck! So whether you need a minor repair or a complete replacement, the contractors at VIP will assess each individual situation and offer all available solutions.

If you need heating services in Sand Key, or a surrounding Florida area, VIP Home Services has you covered from top to bottom. With over 50 years of expertise, at VIP, we possess the knowledge, tools and expertise required to fix any problems with your HVAC system.