VIP to the Rescue

Cracked foundations are very common in the Southeast, especially in areas with heavy moisture. Common causes of foundation problems in Sand Key are expansive soils, poorly compacted backfill soils, or poor drainage. If your foundation is settling, you may see cracked brick, cracks in the mortar, or separations at windows and doors. Cracked foundation repair is a home maintenance project that should not be ignored. Luckily, here at VIP Home Services, our experts have the knowledge and skill-sets to handle any foundation repair or maintenance job.

Foundation Repair Services: We’re Here to Help Protect Your Home

The most common solution to foundation settling is to install a helical pier underpinning system. This system is installed beneath the settling foundation to provide permanent support and arrest future settlement.  In many cases, the helical pier system can be used to raise and level the settled portion of the foundation.

Helical piers are drilled down into the soil strata to reach more firm, stable soil below. A bracket is attached to the foundation to provide permanent support.  The helical piers can be loaded immediately and create very little disturbance to the surrounding landscape.

In some cases, we may install a micropile underpinning system.  Like the helical pier system, a micropile system works to stabilize your foundation. It is used in certain soil or loading conditions, or when very high load capacities are needed. Micropiles are commonly used when we encounter rock in the soil strata. It’s common to use micropiles in Asheville, Boone, Blowing Rock and other mountain communities in the Carolinas due to the rocky terrain.

Our Services

We routinely perform foundation repairs in Sand Key and Clearwater Beach, Florida, some of our foundation repair services include:

  • Add fill dirt/regrade
  • Add/install metal support pole (3”x8’)
  • Add/install steel I-Beam (W10x15)
  • Inject cracks w/epoxy
  • Build/rebuild detached garage
  • Build/repair retaining wall
  • Install sump pump / drain tile
  • Mudjack concrete slab / walk / etc
  • Remove/replace concrete slab
  • Underpin corner of building
  • Underpin/replace foundation
  • Underpin/align masonry chimney
  • Waterproof foundation add drain tile
  • Realign foundation wall
  • Install helical tie-backs

Take the First Step to Cracked Foundation Repair

The first step to getting foundation cracks repaired is to schedule a free site evaluation at your home. A Foundation Repair Services technician will visit your home, inspect the damage, and evaluate the soil condition, grading, and other factors.

Next, we’ll provide a foundation repair plan and a cost estimate. Once you’ve reviewed our plan, we’ll schedule a time to begin work. Your home is your biggest investment, so we make it a priority to put your home back on a firm foundation…quickly!  Ready to take the next step? Check out our blog on what questions to ask when hiring a foundation repair contractor.